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Palm Trees

Planting palm trees in Jacksonville, FL

Palm tree locating and installation

We can help you locate and plant the species of palm tree you are looking for right here in Jacksonville. We have the capability to plant up to a 35 gallon base, but please feel free to contact us with larger requests as we may be able to help.

Common palms for Jacksonville

  • Palmetto palms are Floridian natives that are perfectly set for enduring the climate here in Jacksonville. They have a slow growth of up to 7ft tall managing only a couple of inches in growth per year.
  • Windmill palms are the most resilient palm trees for cold weather. It originates from the east in areas such as central China, southern Japan, and India. They feature a rough trunk with layers of fibrous leafy material. The males flower yellow and females flower a slight green.
  • Washingtonia palms are fan palms with height of up to 75ft when full grown. They are a good fit for the climate here in Jacksonville and can grow upwards of 2ft per year.
  • Date palms are fruiting palms that yield the fruit dates. They can grow upwards of 55 feet or more and are very resistant to the salty climate we have in northeastern Florida.

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