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We install fresh mulch in Jacksonville, FL

Mulch installation in Jacksonville

Let us help you refresh your lawn's look by installing mulch in your plant beds. We can do anything from straw to river rocks to cover as little or as much as your lawn design warrants.

We provide mulching service for commercial and residential clients with free estimates. You choose the type of mulch you want and we can help install it. Mulch is perfect for protecting plant beds and maintain healthy plant life. Whether it's river rocks or garden mulch, we know choosing the best mulching is important and we are here to help.

Types of mulch

Mulch is a variety of material applied to the soil to help protect plants. In nature fallen leaves, bark, sticks, and other materials create a natural mulch cover. We simply use the same process found in nature to create the perfect environment for your landscape.

  • Wood chips
  • Red mulch
  • Shredded pine bark mulch
  • Shredded cypress mulch
  • Gravel mulch
  • Straw mulch
  • River rocks

Did you know?

  • Mulching your plant beds can help prevent weed growth.
  • Although it doesn't happen often, we do get frosts in north Florida. Mulching helps insulate your plants against the winter cold snaps. Winter may be the perfect time to mulch for the insulation effect. Contact us to find out what's best for your lawn in any season.
  • Pine bark mulch occurs naturally throughout Florida and works great for native climate plants.

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