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Spring Watering Tips for Jacksonville

March 20th 2016 | 0 comments

How much should you water your north Florida lawn in the spring?

With the first day of spring right around the corner (March 20, 2016) it’s time to think about your irrigation system and schedule. All it takes is a little planning and knowledge to keep your lawn and landscape looking great in any season. Obviously there are many variables to consider such as soil, rain level, type of grass and slope, but here are some ideas to keep your turf looking great.

First find your sprinkler’s control panel and open it. So many of us use the ‘set it and forget it’ system with our watering. That is not optimal. Spring typically offers north Florida very little rain so you probably need to adjust your system to water more in the spring than in other months.

Second, make sure you’re watering in the early morning hours. If you water before dark water can cling to your grass and cause mold or fungi to grow and that’s just not healthy for any lawn.

Some more tips:

  1. You should give your lawn between one half to three quarters of an inch per water cycle.
  2. Healthy St. Augustine grass should be watered every 3 – 9 days, depending on turf and soil conditions.
  3. When you mow, watch for water stress. Leaves folding in half length-wise, bluish gray in tint, or lingering footprints can all be signs that your lawn isn’t getting enough water. Conversely If your grass starts to turn yellow, this could be a sign of too much water.
  4. Follow your community’s water restrictions which may require you to adjust accordingly. Typically we are allowed two days a week to water, except newly installed landscaping which can be watered every day for one month after installation.

For more tips, you can reference many websites including www.ufl.edu and 904seasons.com.

Keep the grass greener on your side of the fence. Contact us today for more ideas, irrigation system setting or repair, monthly lawn maintenance and more.

Your lawn will be glad you did.