90Four Seasons

Hurricane Matthew Cleanup

October 11th 2016

With the passing of Hurricane Matthew there is now much to be cleaned up in northeast Florida. Rising waters and high winds have taken their toll on landscapes in our area and we want to help you restore your property safely. Here are some basic tips that you should be aware of when dealing with the hurricane aftermath on your landscape.

  • Stay away from down power lines - this should be obvious to most but do to the severity of risk it is worth making mention of. If you spot down power lines in your area be sure to report to your local electric authorities immediately. The two main electric service providers in our area are FPL (1-800-468-8243) and JEA. JEA is currently recommending that all down power lines be reported to 911.
  • Don't approach upright broken trees - many trees in our area have been uprooted and snapped from the high winds and may not be completely fallen. Professionals can help to remove the leftover debris without further damaging surroundings like fences, patio, porches, business, or homes.

We want you to stay safe and help get your yard's landscaping back in order quickly. Feel free to call us at (904) 863-6096 or make a request for landscaping maintenance.